How to Sex Text and Spice up Your Relationship

Sexting, or sex texting, is a great way to add some flavor to your relationship. Since many cell phone plans now have unlimited text options, you may not have to pay extra to use this feature. Sexting is completely safe; no worries about STDs or other issues, and you can do this just about anywhere. Many people are afraid to start sex texting because they don’t know how to start. Once you do it a few times it gets easier and can get a lot out of it. Here are some simple ways to start.

Just Think

Sit and think about what really gets you hot with your partner. Is there a certain way they kiss you, caress your face, or something else that really gets you going? This is how you should start out. Send a message telling them how much you enjoy that and why. The biggest thing in sexting is to be descriptive. When they kiss you that way how does your body respond? This is the hottest part of sexting.


If you’re sexting your partner for the first time, it may take them by surprise. Don’t panic if you don’t hear back right away. Give it some time. They may not text back that day, but when you see them again you should see an increase in their sexual desires. After a few times of sexting they should be more comfortable with it. Also remember that timing is everything. If you start sexting them while they are at work, you may not get a response right then. Try to keep the timing appropriate and just let things unfold naturally.

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